WP News Ranker Dan Green Review – Get YOUR Site MULTIPLE Google Page #1 Rankings For “TRENDING SEARCHES” In Your Niche.

WP News Ranker Dan Green Review – Get YOUR Site MULTIPLE Google Page #1 Rankings For “TRENDING SEARCHES” In Your Niche.

WP News Ranker is an AMAZING product by Dan Green. It is not exaggerating to claim that Dan Green is a typical representative of the new talented generation who is able to conquer the industry of internet marketing. WP News Ranker Dan Green. He excels in many aspects both as an affiliate and a product vendor, and his work ethic and creativity deserve the word “reliable&rdquo ;.Besides being a masterful marketer, he is always willing to help his customers around possible. Furthermore, his previous products are proved to produce stable conversions such as PayMember, Videomate, WP Socimate, etc. So don’t hesitate to read the next parts of this WP News Ranker Dan Green Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

WP News Ranker Dan Green. WP News Ranker is a WordPress plugin that ranks Google sites on page#1 for popular trending searches. And get you 100% original “trending” content for your site every day. It works by scanning a lot of top trending news sites like Buzzfeed and CNN for latest news related to any keywords you choose. It then spins these stories into 100% original new content complete with original images too! In the details, this can be a wordpress plugin that will produce completely original human readable content for your website on a regular basis. It’ll be content that your visitors will love, it’ll be done for you completely automatically and more importantly, it’ll be completely original in the eyes of Google. We all know that Google massively rewards regular original content and that’s exactly what News Ranker gives you… original content on trending news stories… so you will get rewarded with massively high Google rankings from posting that sweet original content on a regular basis. Now, let’s go through the next part of this WP News Ranker Dan Green Review and find out its features.

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WP News Ranker Dan Green Review – Get YOUR Site MULTIPLE Google Page #1 Rankings For “TRENDING SEARCHES” In Your Niche.

WP News Ranker Dan Green Review

WP News Ranker Dan Green Review Overview

WP News Ranker Dan Green Review

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WP News Ranker Dan Green Review – Get YOUR Site MULTIPLE Google Page #1 Rankings For “TRENDING SEARCHES” In Your Niche.

Why Should You Get WP News Ranker Dan Green?

It’s true if your site ranked on page number one for popular searches, it could totally transform your business and your life. But of course the issue is that these days ranking a site on Google is harder than ever.

Maybe you could rank for some long obscure keywords that no one ever searches for or cares about… but what’s the utilization of that? What you really want is usually to be ranking for things that people actually search for.

So what if I told you that I could show you how to rank your site for top trending searches in your niche on total autopilot just with a simple software application? That’s where WP News Ranker comes into play.

Let me tell you a little secret about Google these days, by far the top factor for ranking your site is creating original content. In fact, according to Google themselves, creating regular original content for your site is what helps build your site’s reputation with both users and Google.

Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other factors. That’s right! According to Google themselves, sites that create lots of original content are massively rewarded with higher rankings. It’s certainly true today.

It’s not backlinks, it’s not SEO, it’s content that Google rewards most. And if you wish to rank for popular searches, you need original content that people are actually searching for.

But of course, creating truly original content every day is hard work. It’s time-consuming, it’s boring, it’s repetitive. And I don’t know about you, but it’s not something I wish to have to waste hours on every day. Plus how have you any idea what sort of content to create in the first place?

With WP News Ranker , It’s so EASY. Now you may get started in 3 simple steps…

  • Step 1: Install and activate the plugin.
  • Step 2: Choose your content sources from our MASSIVE library of thousands of popular news sites.
  • Step 3: Let the plugin go to work finding you great trending content. Then simply click post to get a 100% unique new post created for you!

Remember these are news stories, so you’ll be ranking for current trending searches that thousands of people are actually searching for.

Dan Green continues to develop some of the very most best WP plug-ins out there. I first tried his Twitter plug-in and was blown away by how well it built up my Twitter following – automatically, effortlessly after just a bit of preliminary set up.

WPnewsranker is like having a content team working on your site 24/7. This is a pretty wise solution for anyone who would like to build authority in their niche. Google loves fresh content and WPnewsranker brings current and trending relevant news to your website all day long.

It solves 2 of of the biggest problems in IM. Content creation and google ranking. Simple as that! When you get those two issues solved, there’s really you should not say anything else about the product.

Exciting to say the least. Just imagine using the content to also make text to speech videos, Downside is there seems to be no post schedule, perhaps thats in a OTO? No problem as can login to many sites daily with roboform or similar.

I plan to use WP New Ranker on several of my sites to provide more information value to my readership; and seize this golden under-the-radar this simple but powerful WordPress plug-in offers!

WP News Ranker Dan Green Review

WP News Ranker Dan Green Review

WP News Ranker Dan Green Review

WP News Ranker Dan Green Review

WP News Ranker Dan Green Review

WP News Ranker Dan Green Review

WP News Ranker Dan Green Review

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WP News Ranker Dan Green Review – Get YOUR Site MULTIPLE Google Page #1 Rankings For “TRENDING SEARCHES” In Your Niche.

WP News Ranker Dan Green Features:

  • Automatically post 100% uniqueness news stories sourced from top trending news sites like CNN, Reuters and Buzzfeed.
  • Rank your site on page #1 of Googe for trending news stories in your niche.
  • Advanced spinning module spins any news story into new 100% unique form.
  • All spun content is fully human readable.
  • Large selection of spinning and display settings to get your automated content displayed how you want it.
  • AUTOMATED image replacement, to insert unique and different images in your posts.
  • 100% Google safe with huge results.
  • Use our own fully automated spinning system and be up and running in minutes.
  • Option to define your own synonyms and protected words for spinning.
  • Options for original source attribution (100% white hat usage)
  • Plus much more

More Features:

  • Complete “Hands Free” Automated Solution
    Just do a simple “2 minute” setup and you never have to do anything again!
  • Works on ANY Site in ANY Niche
    WP News Ranker goes to work every day searching top news sources to create trending content in your niche.
  • Rank Your Site On Page #1 For Things People Actually Search For
    Get masses of google search traffic every day by getting your site on page #1 for multiple popular search terms.
  • Totally Human Readable Content
    Get automated content that is so realistic no-one will ever guess it’s automated. Not even Google!
  • “Image Spinning Technology”
    Get fully “spun” images for your your automated content too, so EVERYTHING in your content, including the images, is totally unique!
  • Most Powerful “Content Spinning” You’ve Ever Seen.
    • Spin any of your chosen content sources into totally unique posts and article
    • All content is fully “human readable”
    • High quality spun content that even your visitors will love.
    • Appears totally original to Google.
    • Get MASSIVE increases in your Google search ranking.
  • Fully White Hat Software
    The content created by WP News Ranker is so unique that no-one will ever think it wasnt created by you. But we also give you options to show attribution to the original source if you want to. So you can buy in confidence.
  • Unlimited Site License Available For A Limited Time
    Get your own empire of fully automated WordPress sites in multiple niches. All of them creating their own content and ranking THEMSELVES on Google.

WP News Ranker Dan Green Benefits:

WP News Ranker Will Enable You To…

  • Get DAILY UNIQUE Content for your site
    • The content WP News Ranker creates is so unique that it will even fool Google.
    • PLUS it’s all fully human readable, so your vistiors will love it too!
    • Not only that but it creates for you trending content that people are ACTUALLY SEARCHING FOR~!
  • MASSIVELY increase your Google ranking
    • It’s clear that for SEO results these days the most important factor is having lots of unique content posted to your site on a regular basis.
    • WP News Ranker is PROVEN to have a dramatic impact fast. You can be almost certain that you will see an increase in your Google ranking in just a few days.
  • Save you time and money
    • You never have to again worry about spending hours creating content for your site. WP News Ranker does it all for you automatically.
    • You also never have to even think about hiring someone to write up content ever again!
  • Get you TRAFFIC
    • Google search is still the BIGGEST source of traffic out there. Rank your site for popular seach terms and it could transform your business overnight.
    • WP News Ranker let’s you do exactly that WITHOUT any of the hard work.
  • Potentially Make You A LOT Of Money
    • We have demonstrated how you can buy dead websites on Flippa and transform them overnight with WP News Ranker.
    • Why not do the same thing yourself?
    • Get WP News Ranker and start your own website flippling business today
  • Maximize Your Results By Maximizing Your Websites.
    • Our Unlimited Site License lets you install WP News Ranker on as many sites as you want.
    • Just imagine having DOZENS of websites all creating their own content and ranking themselves on Google. Just imagine what an amazing business opportunity that would be.

More Benefits:

  • Rank Your Site For Popular Searches In Your Niche: Start ranking your site on page#1 for things people are ACTUALLY searching for.
  • Start Getting TRAFFIC Today: Get masses of free search traffic from Google 24/7
  • 100% Automated Your site will start ranking itself on page #1 from the moment you activate the plugin
  • Get Original Content For Your Site 24/7: You never have to create ANY original content for your site ever again!
  • Automated “Human Readable” Articles : Get fully automatic content that looks like it was written by a human!
  • Easy To Use, Newbie Friendly: Anyone can have their site ranking itself within minutes of installing.
  • Works In ANY Niche: No matter how big or small your niche, you will see great results.
  • Unique “Image Spinning” Technology Included: You get unique IMAGES for your site content too!
  • Unlimited License Available: You could have dozens of sites, producing their own content and ranking themselves on Full Autopilot.

How Does WP News Ranker Dan Green Work?

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WP News Ranker Dan Green Review – Get YOUR Site MULTIPLE Google Page #1 Rankings For “TRENDING SEARCHES” In Your Niche.

WP News Ranker Dan Green Perfect For:

Its quite simple:

  • If you are new in the business just GET IT !
  • If you are already in the business…. well… I’m sure you won’t hesitate!

WP News Ranker is ideal for web content marketers who would like to write compelling content but simply can’t get started. It’s content curation at its best and is the proper mechanism in place to allow content providers to gather and attract traffic from Google SERPS.

You never have to waste time creating content for your site again. You get great high quality content for your site every day, all done for you. And you rank on Google for a few of the top trending searches in your niche


WP News Ranker Dan Green Testimonials

WP News Ranker Dan Green Bonuses:

  • Fast Action Bonus #1 Google Adsense For Blogs TRAINING
    Follow this training to start monetizing your Wordpres site AUTOMATICALLY with Google Adsense.
  • Fast Action Bonus #2 “Social Authority” Traffic Report
    Leverage authority to get traffic to your site from top social networks!
  • Fast Action Bonus #3 SEO Revolution 2019
    Learn EXACTLY how to setup your on site SEO so it actually works in 2019.

WP News Ranker Dan Green Guarantee

Related OTO Upsell:

Front-end: WP News Ranker
Get your site multiple google page #1 rankings for “trending searches” in your niche. This automated wordpress plugin gets you masses of free search traffic every day!

OTO 1: WP News Ranker PRO Upgrade

  • Unlimited Content Sources
    In the basic version of WP News Ranker you can only choose a max of 10 different content sources for your site. The PRO version removes this limit so you can select hundreds of sources if you want, to guarantee fresh content for your site every day.
  • Unlimied Content Posting
    No limitations of content POSTING either!
    With the basic you can only post a max of 2 articles per day, fine if you only want to post one article, but what if you want lots more content? Or what if you want to post many articles to draft mode and then pick the best ones? The pro version is here to help.
  • Unlimited Content Spinning
    No limitations of content Spinning too!
    With the basic you can spin a max of 1000 words per day. That’s fine to spin an article or two each day. But what if your’e not happy with the spinning of a post? With unlimited spinning you can just respin it until you are happy.
  • Advanced Autoblogging Options
    WP News RankerPRO gives you a whole set of new options for Autoblogging. You can choose to post in draft mode, choose your category, show original content source, add custom spintax intros and outros and more!
  • Advanced Spinning Options
    With the pro version you also get a whole load of advanced spinning options. Including the ability to customize uniqueness, the option to spin post titles, full sentence spinning, paragraph spinning, and even the ability to guarantee 100% uniqueness for every single word in your article!

OTO 2: WP News Ranker – WP Backlink Machine
WP Backlink Machine is a WordPress plug-in which plays the role of a backlink builder.
Specifically, this plug-in has the ability to generate backlinks to any post that you upload to your WordPress blog on complete autopilot. With many unique features, WP Backlink Machine satisfied users by the automation and push button.
Besides, it is also able to help you create a large number of backlinks within only one click. Within one click, all links you want are delivered within 24 to 48 hours.
Check this out for more the details!

OTO 3: WP News Ranker – WP SEO Gold
WP SEO Gold is a premium all-in-one SEO software that carries out full, 1-click SE0 optimization on any WP site it’s installed upon, SEO score for each post, DFY keyword research and in-depth long-tail keyword analysis.
This plugin allows you to take care of all your SEO needs inside one user-friendly dashboard with just a few clicks. WP SEO Gold is one of those softwares that just plain works.
It;s super easy to set up and takes the headache out of fully SEO-preparing your sites. You can do a lot with this software and with it’s use you can ensure that you will increase your rankings and get organic, free traffic to your sites in super quick time. If you don’t have WP SEO Gold in your arsenal yet, you need to get it right away!
Check this out for more the details!

OTO 4: WP News Ranker Resellers license
On this WP News Ranker, you can get a Reseller license to WP News Ranker. Which means you get the ability to offer WP News Ranker X as a service to clients, or sell the plugin itself and keep 100% of the profits.
You can use the plugin offer your services to ONLINE or OFFLINE clients… anyone you want. You can SELL the plugin ONLINE or OFFLINE … anywhere you want.
PLUS – You’ll get full rights to use all the following to help you close clients.

  • [included] Sales & Marketing Pages
  • [included] Amazing High Converting Videos
  • [included] All our tutorials + updates.

And the best part is… We take care of all the support. You don’t have to do anything, just use your UNLIMITED Reseller license to sell the plugin or to close your clients, we take care of all the rest.
This is amazing for you if you do not have a product you sell online and every online marketer wants for their business.


Q: Do you offer support if I need help?
Yes! We believe that top-notch support is key for a quality product and will do our very best to resolve any issues you encounter via our support page

Q: Do I get updates for the plugin?
Yes! Automatic updates are delivered 100% free of charge to all customers.

Q: Will WP News Ranker work on WordPress.com?
No, WP News Ranker will not work on WordPress.com. It only works on self-hosted WordPress installs and you need to have a domain name + wordpress installed with hosting to use our software.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?
Because we want you to start today with total peace of mind your investment is backed up by a 30 day money back guarantee – you will be ordering with confidence and this eliminates any kind of risk on your part, because if our support can’t fix your technical issues, we’ll refund you.

Q: I have other pre-sale questions, can you help?
Yes! You are welcome to ask any question you wish from our support page

Q: Can I install on unlimited sites?
Yes WP News Ranker comes with the option to buy an unlimited site licnese. But act fast, because we will not be offering the unlimited site license, in this form, with all these options ever again once the current launch offer ends.

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WP News Ranker Dan Green Review – Get YOUR Site MULTIPLE Google Page #1 Rankings For “TRENDING SEARCHES” In Your Niche.

WP News Ranker Dan Green is very very professional product and best choice for you. I hope that all of the information in my WP News Ranker Dan Green Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. If you’re ready to start making a real online income in the most passive way possible then click the button below before the price rises. I am look forward to seeing your success. Grab WP News Ranker Now!

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