VidSell Video Software Review by Mike McKay – New Breakthrough Cloud App Creates High-Converting Videos You Can Sell In 60 Seconds Flat…

By | March 17, 2020

VidSell Video Software Review by Mike McKay – New Breakthrough Cloud App Creates High-Converting Videos You Can Sell In 60 Seconds Flat…

VidSell is an AMAZING product by Mike McKay and his partners Radu Hahaianu & Yogesh Agarwal. Radu is a well-known, experienced marketer. Many people share a similar experience with me when using his quality products such as Revoicely, Vidmonial, etc. This team can deliver interesting and useful marketing solutions for you. Don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this VidSell Video Software Review by Mike McKay as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay is your passive income shortcut! In the details, it is a brand new, cloud-based software that works on any computer, retrieves any content from your site (or any site) and transforms it into a viral traffic-pulling VIDEO. It works by turning web pages into videos! You heard that right – all you have to do is insert the URL of some old article or site you have and VidSell by Radu Hahaianu will grab all its content, lets you add images and create a stunning video out of it in no time. With VidSell Video Software, you too can generate viral, targeted traffic & sales like this at the touch of a button! Just find the URL you want, add it to VidSell, press ONE button and create your videos within a few minutes. Not just that – you can also simply insert your keyword and VidSell will go and fetch a readymade article for you, then turn it into a video. This simple cloud software lets you create video after video for any keyword and in any niche, literally on autopilot. With VidSell there’s zero learning required. It’s so easy to master that even a 7yr old can make videos with this in just 60 seconds. If you’ve tried other video creation products in the past that need you to study HOURS of training before making your first video then rest assured as VidSell is NOT that type of software. VidSell is different – it’s time to change things up and make quality videos in just 60 seconds from the moment you log in, want to see how? Now, let’s look at the next part of this VidSell Video Software Review by Mike McKay and find out its features.

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VidSell Video Software Review by Mike McKay – New Breakthrough Cloud App Creates High-Converting Videos You Can Sell In 60 Seconds Flat…

VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay

VidSell Review Overview

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VidSell Video Software Review by Mike McKay – New Breakthrough Cloud App Creates High-Converting Videos You Can Sell In 60 Seconds Flat…

Why Should You Get VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay?

How would you like to insert a keyword and have a full video created for you within just a few seconds? Better yet – what if you could turn your website’s pages and old articles into traffic-generating, money-making videos? Look – we all know video marketing converts better than anything else bringing you more sales and traffic than anything else. The problem? Creating videos takes time and technical know-how, even if you’re using a great video builder software. That’s where VidSell comes into play. VidSell is amazing – you neither have to do any hard work when you use it, nor study hours to understand it. All you need is VidSell and you can create amazing affiliate videos and video pages with just 1-click and in under 60 seconds. No setup or installation required. 100% Newbie-Friendly. You’ll be able to turn any piece of content, whether it’s yours or freely available on the internet on any website. How cool is that? You get to create stunning videos with just a few seconds of work, that you can then use to get easy rankings in Youtube and Google and benefit from targeted organic SE° & video traffic with very little effort. Or you can use the videos on social media sites to get viral traffic from Facebook. PLUS – and this is huge – VidSell comes with 100% commercial rights which means you can create & sell videos for clients on places like Fiverr. Imagine how cool that is: you get an order to create a video about cats, all you have to do is insert the word “cats” inside VidSell and it automatically spits out a stunning video you can give your client. Not to mention you can use it for yourself to create high converting affiliate review videos like t the PROs do within seconds… I love VidSell because it’s a super simple yet easy to use solution that allows you to speed up your video creation process. It has incredible powerful features you can use in multiple ways… and the built in image editor and social media built in auto-poster is a MUST have! I have been testing these videos on multiple Youtube channels and the results are outstanding! Can’t recommend VidSell highly enough!

VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay

VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay

VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay

VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay

VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay

VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay

VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay

VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay

VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay

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VidSell Video Software Review by Mike McKay – New Breakthrough Cloud App Creates High-Converting Videos You Can Sell In 60 Seconds Flat…

Benefit of VidSell Software :

  • Turn any URL into a fully – fledged video
  • Insert a keyword and get a video created for you in seconds
  • Cloud – based, mobile responsive
  • 100 % newbie friendly
  • Fastest way to create quality video
  • Dozens of quality templates to choose from Commercial License built – in so you can SELL these videos to local businesses or on Fiverr

VidSell Features:

  • Cloud-Based Software Runs On Any Platform Including Smartphones And Tablets: With VidSell All You Have To Do Is Open Your Browser And You’re Just A Click Away From Building Eye-Popping Videos!
  • The Most Powerful Video Creation System At Your Fingertips: VidSell Is The Future In Terms Of Video Marketing Technology By Creating Stunning Videos With Ease!
  • Turn Any URL Into A Fully-Fledged Video: Turn Your Website’s Pages And Old Articles Into Traffic-Generating, Money-Making Videos!
  • Insert A Keyword And Get A Full Video Created For You In Seconds: VidSell Will Curate An Article From Our 10,000+ Database And Turn It Into A Video Right Before Your Eyes!
  • Creating Targeted Videos In Any Niche Has Never Been Easier: VidSell Will Curate An Article From Our 10,000+ Database And Turn It Into A Video Right Before Your Eyes!
  • Amazing, High-Quality Videos In 60 Seconds Or Less: Not Only Is VidSell The Fastest Way To Create Videos, It’s Also 100% Newbie Friendly And The End Result Is Truly Jaw Dropping Too!
  • Instantly Add Images & Graphics To Your Videos: With PixaBay API Integration Included, All You Have To Do Is Insert A Keyword And Get Relevant Images Added To Your Videos!
  • Get Total & Full Flexibility: You Get Total & Full Flexibility!
  • Add Any Sound File: Add Whatever You Want, Be It Background Music Or Voiceover Dozens Of Professional Ready-Made Templates To Choose From! Preview Your Video Masterpiece In-Browser & Export Once Happy With The Results!
  • Dozens of Professional Ready-made templates to pick from
  • Preview Your video in-browser and export once happy with the results
  • In 1-Click, Find Thousands of Royalty Free Images for use in Videos $197


  • This Software Totally Automates The Video Creation Process Using Unique & Amazing Features!
  • You Can Instantly Build Out Unlimited Videos In Any Niche!
  • You Can Leverage Top Social Sites Like Facebook To Drive Huge Amounts Of Free Traffic!
  • This Software Is Personally Tested By Us Successfully So It’s Proven To Work!
  • They Provide You With Quality Software, Video Tutorials, And Everything Else Needed To Succeed – This Is The Complete Package!
  • This Software Will In Short Get You Free Traffic, Leads And Sales!

Here’s How VidSell Helps You Profit Big Like Never Before:

  • VidSell instantly transforms ANY webpage or article into a quality, fully-fledged video!
  • VidSell repurposes old content into flashy videos that rank high and generate viral traffic!
  • VidSell allows you to add ANY keyword and generate a quality, fully-fledged video!
  • VidSell gives you instant, free traffic and SEO rankings!
  • VidSell is 100% newbie friendly!
  • VidSell allows you to enjoy all benefits of selling your videos as a service to clients!
  • VidSell provides the ultimate DFY business in a box, this simple software lets you click a button and have your very own video empire created completely from scratch!

How Does VidSell Video Software Work?

  • Step #1 – Login to our cloud platform.
  • Step #2 – Either insert your keyword or paste a link to an article.
  • Step #3 – Have a full marketing video created for you in seconds.


“TrafficMate is the simplest to use software I’ve used and it absolutely works like a champ. I get easy rankings for myself and my clients amazingly fast, sometimes within minutes. My social media presence is also massively increased thanks to TrafficMate. It’s incredible!”
Yogesh Agarwal – Software Developer & 6 Figure Marketer

“TrafficMate makes it easier for anyone who wants to get more traffic & sales fast, using Google and the power of social media. It allows you to optimise & rank higher on Google…if you have a WordPress site this is a must have! The training and support is fantastic and the results are looking pretty incredible too!”
Art Flair – Successful Online Entrepreneur

“TrafficMate saves time and money when doing SEO and Social Media syndication for any WordPress site! In fact, in just a few clicks of my mouse I can run analysis, create backlink campaigns, auto generate tags, create social media traffic campaigns and so much more! It’s a massive time saver…incredible!”
Victory Akpomedaye – 6 Figure Marketer & Coach

“TrafficMate is absolutely amazing for generating traffic! It comes with all the tools you need in a single dashboard so that you instantly remove the necessity to have multiple plugins running on our sites. TrafficMate does ALL of the ‘SEO stuff’ and ‘Social Media’ for you as well!”
Igor Burban
– Successful WordPress Developer & Marketer

“What’s the easiest way to rank any WordPress site? Want more traffic? Use TrafficMate! Want more sales? Use TrafficMate! Want more leads? Use TrafficMate! YES – it really is that powerful!”
Venkata Ramana – Successful 6 Figure Affiliate

VidSell Software Perfect For:

  • Anyone who wants to start a service where they sell videos to other people, local businesses or on places like Fiverr
  • Literally anyone who wants to create fast high-converting videos in any niche and benefit from targeted traffic and increased sales
  • Affiliate marketers: create review videos for affiliate products and leverage the free viral & SEO traffic VidSell brings to generate daily sales
  • Product creators: use VidSell to create sales videos and explainer videos on your sales pages
  • Local marketers and business owners: advertise your local business with a quick informative video OR offer video creation services to your clients for a huge profit
  • SEO marketers: get better rankings, relevant video content for any keyword and more Youtube traffic than you could ever wish for!

VidSell Guarantee

Guaranteed Or Your Money Back – 100% Risk Free
If you are a beginner or a seasoned marketer and if you commit and follow this software then you will start to enjoy the luxury of automated FREE traffic, #1 rankings and easy sales. Get TrafficMate now and enjoy it for 30 Days. In the unlikely event you’re not thrilled with your results, contact our friendly support concierge desk for a hassle free refund.

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VidSell Video Software Review by Mike McKay – New Breakthrough Cloud App Creates High-Converting Videos You Can Sell In 60 Seconds Flat…

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Front-end – VidSell

OTO #1 – VidSell PRO Edition

Unlock the exclusive upgrades below that will generate you 10x more sales, 10x more subscribers and 10x more results!

  • Share Your Videos On 200+ Social Media Sites For INSTANT, Viral Traffic
    The ability to automatically share your (and your clients) VidSell videos to over 200+ social media sites with the push of a button. So not just Facebook or Youtube, but literally over 200 social media sites where you can instantly publish your video and start getting targeted free traffic from.
    This is immensely powerful: you can have full videos created, shared and bringing you traffic all within 60 seconds and just a few clicks, turning VidSell into a true all-in-one solution!
  • Get 20+ PREMIUM Video Templates To Sell
    You’re getting access to 20+ premium templates for your videos, so they always look professional and fresh and you don’t have to keep using the same template over and over again.
    While the regular version of VidSell comes with just 6, this PRO upgrade gives you over 20 gorgeous templates that are fully-tested and are incredibly high-converting – a MUST HAVE for all serious video marketers!
  • FULL AGENCY License (YES, For The PRO Version Too)
    You’re getting the full Agency license, which lets you create videos for your clients and charge them a HEFTY fee for it. Local businesses and online marketers alike all need high quality videos constantly – and they’re ready to pay anywhere between $100 and $2,000 for a quality video that promotes their business.
    Right now freelancers who do this manually are making an easy $5,000/mo. And since VidSell does it all for you automatically, you can charge your clients LESS and DOMINATE your marketplace – turning VidSell into a pure profit generation machine that brings in revenue steadily and passively month after month !
  • Premium Support
    Well all know the struggle of getting help with a product purchased online. Heck, half of the time you won’t even find a person able to speak English. What’s more, they probably won’t be able to help with any technical issues.
    Worse, it may even take days if not WEEKS to finally get a pointless answer that gets you back to square one. We’re offering a change to that with the Premium Concierge Support integration.
    You will be able to get problem-solving answers in MINUTES (or hours at most) from your own PERSONAL support concierge. You read that right. We’re giving you a person available 24/7 just for YOU that will be able to resolve your issues quickly and get you on your way to greatness.
    These á-la-carte services will help you focus on the one thing that’s important: growing your business and we’ll always be there to help!
    You’re getting over 50,000 Done-For-You articles you can turn into videos with just a click of a button. That means whenever you search for a keyword inside VidSell, it will bring in 5 times more results and better targeted one’s too (that’s because the regular version only has 10,000 articles!)
    You’ll NEVER run out of videos to create with the PRO upgrade – especially because now we’re covering all the major niches and the smaller ones too!

OTO #2 – VidSell DFY Upgrade

  • Done-For-You Fresh Video Templates & Articles Each Month
    You get 3 premium video templates hand-created by our expert team of designers and personally uploaded to your VidSell account each and every month. This enables you to have a constant stream of fresh video templates so your videos NEVER look the same.
    All templates have been previously tested to convert better than anything else, and especially better than traditional ways of creating video. Not just that, you get 10,000+ DFY articles each month so you always have a FRESH source of new content for your videos whenever you introduce a keyword inside VidSell.
  • Cloud Video Graphics App Editor
    Finally, you can have high-converting professional videos and graphics like the gurus do without spending hundreds on expensive designers. DesignoPro is hands down the simplest, most professional graphics editor on the planet – and it’s in the cloud!
    Not just that but all video graphics created with DesignoPro are also 100% compatible with VidSell and other video creation software!
  • Thousands Of Quality, Ready Made Video Graphics
    With DFY, we set out to completely revolutionize the world of video marketing by introducing breakthrough features that can help anyone – yes even complete newbies – generate an insanely profitable video marketing business.
    That’s why you get readymade professional video graphics, so now you can really spice things up with your videos and go beyond just text and images. Turn your videos into stunning creations by adding things such as cartoon characters or animations.

OTO #3 – VidSell Reseller License

The creators will Give You Your Own Account in The VidSell Agency Dashboard! With this, you’ll be able to add your own users and manage all of your own customers. You’ll Get 250 Licenses to Sell Access To VidSell FE! This way, you can make an absolute killing and an insane return on your investment today.
You’ll Get All the Sales Materials (Nothing For You to Create!). They’ll hand you all the sales materials we use personally to sell access to VidSell. That means you’ll get sales page, the video sales letter and more. Just plug your own information with your own links and you’re good to go! (They’ll show you how to do this!)
They’ll Handle All the Support! If there are any technical issues, you won’t have to ever get involved. They’ll make sure VidSell is working for all of your customers. This way you can sell access without a hitch!

OTO #4 – VidSell Internet Marketing X

  • Weekly Training & Software
  • Free Software You Need
  • All The creator’s Products And Their Upgrades
  • Case Studies Into What Works For Me
  • Know-How About Surviving Future Trends

Frequently Asked Questions About VidSell

Is VidSell Cloud Based?
Yes, VidSell is cloud based and we host everything for you!

Does VidSell Cost A Monthly Fee?
When you act now, you’re getting one-time access to VidSell without EVER having to pay a monthly fee 🙂

Are Others Having Results With VidSell?
Yes – see the proof above, which you CAN replicate!

Do I Need Any Tech Skills Or Experience To Make This Work?
NO – VidSell does all the work for you

Will This Work In Any Niche?

Is Support & Training Included?
Absolutely….by purchasing today you get instant access to the training portal and the 24/7 support desk.

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VidSell Video Software Review by Mike McKay – New Breakthrough Cloud App Creates High-Converting Videos You Can Sell In 60 Seconds Flat…

VidSell is very very professional product and best choice for you. I hope that all of the information in my VidSell Video Software Review by Mike McKay can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. If you’re ready to start making a real online income in the most passive way possible then click the button below before the price rises. I am look forward to seeing your success. Grab VidSell Video Software by Mike McKay Now!

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