SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review – Revolutionary Software UnLocks Untapped Buyer Traffic IN MINUTES

By | May 30, 2020

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review – Revolutionary Software UnLocks Untapped Buyer Traffic IN MINUTES

Smash Traffic is an AMAZING product by Danny Adetunji. Daniel Adetunji is an experienced marketer who has launched a lot of products on JVZoo. Some of them you might have heard of are Instant Social Success, DFY Profit Suite, etc. Daniel is an awesome man and a great affiliate marketer. Each time he launched a new product, he spent 100% of his effort and energy to make it perfect for users. This time is not an exception, though. Don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji. You know that traffic is the lifeblood of any business. Today I want to introduce you you to a new software that generates FRE-E traffic from over 1.2 million subreddits. Research shows that redditors love to click on, and share links – on average, the most popular links on Reddit generate over 16,000 more upvotes than the most popular text posts. I am super stoked to announce that my friend Danny has created an Automated Traffic Tool that makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, in any niche to get unlimited, free traffic. It works like this: #1 The software find the hottest niches from 1.2 million subreddits #2 This generates massive traffic back to your offers #3 Add any link and you will start to see results in 60 second or less… SmashTraffic shares the most viral content on Reddit, to drive traffic back to your videos, stores and affiliate links… Getting 100s, heck, even 1000s of clicks immediately! It is a brand new software, that fully leverages on helping you tap free traffic from a platform With almost 20 million unique visitors per month and about 150 million pageviews without having to pay for ads. ​It finds traffic from a powerful social network full of proven buyers… Then drives these targeted visitors anywhere you want – whether it’s your WordPress posts, affiliate links, your offers and anything else you can imagine. It’s the EASIEST method for getting traffic we’ve EVER used. So imagine… exposes your posts or affiliate links to the most interested users in your niche. So for ANY offer that you have you will ALWAYS have plenty of Takers! You also get to share your content across 4 other 4 other networks, keeping them engaged with relevant content. That’s not all… ​With SmashTraffic, you can also schedule your old and new content with just a click of a button and blast them all through Reddit and 4 other TOP social networks with 2 billion users combined? ​That’s what SmashTraffic does, and more! Later on, my SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review is going to emphasize this tool’s outstanding features.

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SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review – Revolutionary Software UnLocks Untapped Buyer Traffic IN MINUTES

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review Overview

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review

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SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review – Revolutionary Software UnLocks Untapped Buyer Traffic IN MINUTES

Why Should You Get SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji?

Tired of trying to ‘crack the traffic code’ only to find yourself spinning your wheels, wasting time, and never getting the results you’re looking for? Your struggle ends today with TrafficSmash. Most so called “traffic apps” rely on you spamming your friends on social media. SmashTraffic is an entirely different concept – it uses the viral power of Reddit and its millions of subreddits to generate shareable content for immediate traffic and commissions. Smashtraffic uses a never seen before system to harvest free reddit traffic. It uses an algorithm to drill into the subreddits used on Reddit – resulting in targeted, ready to buy traffic. ​Redditors are known for being passionate about their niches – anything from dog grooming to the latest jewellery trends – and this generates heated conversations. Smash Traffic enables customers to siphon traffic from these conversations, resulting in massive free traffic.

The Opportunities With Smashtraffic Danny Adetunji Are Limitless:

  • Affiliate Links
  • Ecom Stores
  • Lead Pages
  • Youtube Videos
  • CPA Offers
  • Blogs

Until SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji, Marketing on Reddit was a nightmare. Never really considered it as a traffic source-until recently thanks to SmashTraffic. Like me, I’m sure there’re several other marketers out there that aren’t touching Reddit, which means massive opportunities for you! Over 336 million active monthly users Over 138,000 active communities / niche forums 18 billion monthly page views. 1 was very impressed by how quickly you can POST. PASTE. AUTOMATE. Targeted Traffic. They have created a really simple but powerful money making system here… And to think that this WordPress software targets, tier 1 traffic (USA, Canada, UK, Australia), so you get real, buyer-intent traffic every time, its really a no brained”. More than that, imagine being able to share your links across all your social media accounts. With this awesome piece of software, now you can get 100s, even 1000s of clicks from social media. SmashTraffic is the world’s best software ever released to dominate social media forever. And I’m not talking about your average auto poster that is released every single day! Is something waaaay better than that. As said: With more clicks, you get more profits… Now you can tap into what matters, getting 100s, even 1000s of clicks to any site, offer, or lead magnet you WANT! As you know, with more clicks, you get more PROFITS! The best part is that You can have zero knowledge about social media marketing and still remain profitable using SmashTraffic, it’s so easy and newbie friendly that anyone can dominate social media starting from day one!

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review

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SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review – Revolutionary Software UnLocks Untapped Buyer Traffic IN MINUTES

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Benefits:

  • Brand New Software
  • Generates Traffic From Niche Specific Subreddits
  • Never Seen Before algorithm will explode your earnings
  • Taps Into 330 Million Unique Visitors
  • Deluge of Free Traffic
  • Newbie friendly
  • Comprehensive Training
  • VIP Support
  • Start Earning Affiliate Commissions in 60 Seconds
  • Live the laptop lifestyle
  • Commercial rights – when purchased today
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Features:

Here is what you will be receiving when you purchase smashtraffic today:

  • The world’s premiere Reddit based software
  • Unique ability to drill into Subreddits
  • VIP training, newbie friendly
  • Fast action bonuses
  • The Commercial Rights to SmashTraffic

Some of its advanced features:

  • Leverage on this untapped social traffic source, and figures out the best time to post to a particular subreddit. Or, try the new automatic scheduling feature to have Later pick the best time for you.
  • Auto-share to social media on blog post publish
  • Choose between the social media post share.
  • Choose the min. Or max number of posts eligible for sharing
  • Generate hashtags for post shares
  • Integrate with Google analytics to track your traffic increase!

Fully leverages on a very untapped traffic source, Share your content, affiliate links and offers, to 100,000 Sub niches! Connect and schedule old and new WordPress post to:

  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Flicker
  • Custom Share Messages Support
  • Queue Management
  • Custom Post Type Support
  • Thumbnail Support
  • Internal Linking within the website


  • No monthly or setup fee unlike other tools like Buffer & TweetDeck
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • Detailed & Easy To Follow Video Tutorials
  • Create, publish and schedule old content for your followers (Generate a ton of traffic from your old post)
  • Special Launch Week Offer – Prices goes to $67/monthly in a week
  • Newbie Friendly – Very easy to use interface
  • 100% Control over everything.

And other key features that are in development:

  • #1 Turn Any Image Into Clickable Posts
    With this cloud based app, you can now turn any image into clickable posts that get you red-hot visitors on social media. Instead of using the boring old way to get traffic from social media, now you can use this power, to get what really matters: CLICKS. Send 1000s of clicks to any online destination you want!
    Clickable images are proven to convert and get a huge amount of traffic and visitors. Imagine being able to get profitable high converting traffic with every image that you publish.
  • #2 Image Finder, press a button and find unlimited images
    We know that of all the marketing you need to do to dominate social media, finding images is one of the most boring tasks. Not anymore! Now you can find images in any niche you want, using the image finder, with just the push of a button!
    Just insert your keyword and this software will collect all the images you need, turn those images into clickable posts and get you visitors on complete autopilot
  • #3 Image Editor
    Okay, you have all these awesome images in your hands, but now you want to edit them and make them the way you want, adding your own logo, your business brand and more…
    How do you do it? With SmashTraffic, they built in a image editor that quickly became known as “Photoshop in the Cloud”. Just plug your image, edit and save with a few clicks of your mouse
  • #4 SmashTraffic Runs on Complete Automation
    They made an autoposter available here, now you can post or schedule the clickable images with a click of your mouse. Meaning you can save time and money! Letting everything running on complete autopilot while you see the sales coming.
  • #5 Video Images & GIF Images
    They want you to get the most clicks possible with social media, they saw one thing that is proven to convert and added it here. Now you can add in any image you want a video icon or gif icon, that is a trigger to get clicks to your image! Theybuilt that for you and is ready to use inside.
  • #6 Works with the most powerful social media channels
    SmashTraffic is fully compatible with Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flicker. You can add one account per social media.

SmashTraffic Reddit Traffic Software Advantages

  • Generate affiliate commissions
  • High SEO value to your videos
  • Start winning affiliate contests
  • Be able to work from home
  • Peace of mind, knowing that you can can support your family in these difficult times
  • Agency rights
  • Establish credibility in your niche
  • Successful e-commerce stores

With SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji You Can:

  • Work from home
  • Extend your house
  • Spend time with your family
  • Be able to retire
  • Grow your business
  • Achieve your goals
  • Travel the world
  • Pursue your hobbies
  • Become financially secure
  • It’s time for a change – discover the laptop lifestyle!
  • Work from anywhere All you need is an internet connection and a browser to start generating money today

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SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review – Revolutionary Software UnLocks Untapped Buyer Traffic IN MINUTES

How Does it Work?

It Works In 3 Simple Steps :

  • Step 1 – Activate
    Your user ID and password will be sent by email- you’ll need to activate the software to enable it to work for you on autopilot.
  • Step 2 – Set
    This is the fun part- you’ll need to tell it where you want the traffic to come from. It works in every niche and for every product. All you need is a PC and a browser. Then just add your affiliate link and wait.
  • Step 3 – Scale
    Once you start generating commissions it’s time to scale up and earn even more. The software is virtually limitless in its traffic generation ability.

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Perfect For:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Youtube Creators
  • E-com Store Owners
  • Newbies
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • Bloggers
  • Freelancers
  • Small Business Owners

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Bonuses:

  • Reseller Rights to ViddyGenie
    This is a web-based video creation platform that has the ability to generate many simple and short types of videos, including product review videos, Facebook cover videos, business intros, special offer videos, and so on.
  • Free Download to over 8,000 FB Advertising Groups you can Sell to
    So my research team, just finished up with a list of 8,000 Facebook advertising groups that has over 50 plus millions of people who are looking for opportunities that will make them money…..
    This is proven to drive you massive traffic to all your offers.
  • My Top 50 Affiliate Promo Subject Lines
    I’ve promoted more than 200 affiliate offers over the years. And I’ve learned a ton along the way.
    In this simple to use swipe file, I’ve put together my most successful subject lines for affiliate promotions for each phase of the launch.
  • 8 STEP FREE Marketing & Sales Funnel Templates!
    Opt-in FunneL- 3-step Opt-In Funnel featuring a share button on the thank you page – proven to increase the ROI of ad spend!
    High Ticket Client Funnel: How to flip the script and enable your perfect clients to pitch working with you!
    Shopify Funnel: Designed for Shopify stores, use this funnel to automatically send key customer data to your Shopify dashboard using Zapier.
    Ecommerce Funnel: This is a super perfect ‘Free plus Shipping’ Ecommerce Funnel, from a super clean Opt-in page to 1-page order form.
    Sales Webinar Funnel: Use this Automated Sales Webinar Funnel which includes an order form and upsell page.
    Membership Funnel: Create a complete secure membership area with funnel training courses created by Russell Brunson to monetize your traffic!
    Affiliate Survey Funnel: Convert a greater % of cold traffic to an affiliate offer
  • Bulk Blasterk Email Marketing Platform
    This script Can handle huge lists of emails without straining the server thanks to a powerful “threads” system that divides the email lists into smaller chunks. Supports a huge amount of features including external smtp servers.
  • WP WAY Page Maker
    Helps you create stunning landing pages, lead-pages and opt-in forms.
    You can create a nice, attracting page, ready to collect leads , completely transforms it into a lead generating and list building facility. Make every page your own by dropping new elements where you want them. Text, images, buttons, and even widgets such as countdown timers all snap into place with ease. Can easily integrate any of the autoresponder with the lead page.
  • 92k Case Study + 37 No cost traffic sources
    (Product goes LIVE by 11am EST. Once it’s LIVE, pick it up immediately)
    Steal the Secret Strategy of the 25.9 Million Dollar Men Frank Kern, John Reese, and Jeff Walker.. using these exact teaser video opt-in pages to build their lists and create profit pulling empires, and now you can too.


Test Drive SmashTraffic 100% RISK FREE With Our Our Money Back Guarante
I don’t want anything to stop you from getting SmashTraffic right now. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. And it has the potential to get you results regardless of your background, your skills, or your online experience. That’s why I’m going to ELIMINATE all of the risk and give you a full 30 days to make sure SmashTraffic is for you. Meaning you can feel comfortable knowing I’m the one taking all of the risk.

SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Guarantee

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SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review – Revolutionary Software UnLocks Untapped Buyer Traffic IN MINUTES

Related OTO Upsell:

  • OTO 1: SmashTraffic Unlimited Edition

    Here’s what you’re Getting With Your UPGRADE Today:

    • SmashTraffic Pro Edition
      The pro edition will let you automate the SmashTraffic software so you can enjoy doing whatever you want
    • Unlimited SUB ACCOUNTS
      These will 10x your traffic, leads and sales across 4 top social networks, potentially making you more money and helping your bank account swell up in pure profits
    • Hands Free pro & WAY MORE POWER and Customization
      With the PRO version you get literally DOZENS of settings for automating your posting schedules. With “drip scheduling”, “combo posting” to multiple profiles + way way more!
    • Step–by-step video tutorials
      To ensure you know what to do to automate the entire process step-by-step video tutorials will be included so you can profit fast!
    • Commercial right
      We’ll also give you the rights to automate the entire process for your clients and other marketers so you profit by charging them top fee’s
    • Increase & Diversify Your Traffic: Target up to 10 Niches at the Same Time
      Normally you can target up more niches but with the PRO version, you can target 300% more niches – up to 10 niches at the same time which helps you drive traffic from multiple niches to any content or site you want.
    • Complete Analysis of all your Promotions
      The PRO version lets you see every detail of your promotions so you can see how your campaigns are doing, where they are posting and where you are getting traffic from!
    • Generate hashtags for Max post shares
    • Integrate with Google analytics to track your traffic increase!
  • OTO 2: SmashTraffic Done for You Blogs & Traffic Setup

    Get 25 DFY Pre-Monetized Blogs For Floods Of Free Traffic & Dozens Of Income Sources Ready To Launch TODAY!

    • Requires No Or Minimum Marketing Experience
      That’s why we have removed all the guesswork and created done for you solution that any business would buy instantly
    • Proven And Highly Profitable Niches
      We have handpicked the hottest niches and are already making money for us and our customers
    • Requires Zero Designing And Development Skills
      Whether you are just starting or experienced marketer, no need to learn complicated designing software or messing with codes to create a simple website. Everything is done for you with the latest technology and best-in-the-market resources to make it super simple yet powerful system
  • OTO 3: SmashTraffic Agency and Resellers License

    On this SmashTraffic Review page, you get Reseller + Agency License To SmashTraffic!
    ​Which means you will keep 100% of the price of this software when you refer them to our website PLUS you make an extra profit if your customers buy any upgrades in our sales funnels.

    • To keep 100% of the price of this software when you refer someone.
    • ​Sales & Marketing Pages access: You get Professionally written, customizable sales page and marketing materials to convert prospects into PAYING customers
    • ​Get paid INSTANTLY for every sale – PayPal integration means you collect payments directly from every customer
    • ​4 .Tracking and support – this is a truly hands-free income stream as we’ll handle ALL the customer support FOR you; plus you’ll be able to track customer payments inside your own dashboard
    • ​High Converting Videos that help to convert the visitor into a client
    • 50% Commissions on all upgrades
  • OTO 4: SmashTraffic DFY Traffic Module
    • You will have no limits on the amount of traffic you get.
    • This is the closest you will ever get to push button profits!
    • We are giving the opportunity for 50 people to slot into our proven traffic system and receive traffic on tap.
    • It’s a piece of cake to scale up to a job replacing income when you have something like this. You can finally leave the job you hate and start living the life you’ve been dreaming of.


Is there a guarantee?
A. Yes, you get a full 30 days to try out SmashTraffic and make sure it’s for you. If for ANY reason, you’re not 100% satisfied, just let me know and I’ll either sort out the problem or get you a refund. ​The only way you lose out is by missing out on this powerful software today at the discounted price.

How do I get a copy of SmashTraffic?
A. Click the buy button above to get a copy while it’s still cheap.

I’ve seen several traffic apps, what makes this one different?
A. Most so called “traffic apps” rely on you spamming your friends on social media. SmashTraffic is an entirely different concept – it uses the viral power of Reddit and its millions of subreddits to generate shareable content for immediate traffic and commissions

How long will it take to start seeing results?
A. It depends on how fast you activate our app, but most users report seeing results within 1-3 days. I recommend taking action as soon as possible.

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SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review – Revolutionary Software UnLocks Untapped Buyer Traffic IN MINUTES

SmashTraffic is very very professional product and best choice for you. I hope that all of the information in my SmashTraffic Danny Adetunji Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. If you’re ready to start making a real online income in the most passive way possible then click the button below before the price rises. I am look forward to seeing your success. Grab SmashTraffic Software Now!

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