MailZen AutoResponder Software Review – Get Mails Inboxed With Higher Open & Click Through Rate For More Sales & Commissions On Complete Cruise Control For A Low One-Time Fee!

By admin | June 27, 2020

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review – Get Mails Inboxed With Higher Open & Click Through Rate For More Sales & Commissions On Complete Cruise Control For A Low One-Time Fee!

MailZen is an AMAZING product by OJ James. OJ James is not only a talented Software Developer but also regarded as a reputable Online Marketing Entrepreneur. Especially, some of his products are intended to help people work in internet marketing such as Tweet Matic, Fan Matic, Swift Member, Content Siphon, Conversionizer, etc. Because of his prestigious reputation in the field of online marketing, along with his proven talents, I strongly believe that the next products, including MailZen, will continue to bring you a lot of successes. So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James. Deciding where to invest your marketing dollars isn’t a decision you take lightly. You know you need to attract new customers and keep your existing clients coming back. But you can’t afford to invest time or resources into something that isn’t going to deliver the results you expect. An email marketing campaign is a cost-effective solution that gives you the power to reach customers in a place most people visit every day — their inbox. People look for emails to learn about new products so that they can buy what useful for them. We have all heard the money is in the list but getting started with email marketing can be difficult and more importantly very costly… Not anymore with MailZen. It is a cloud-based autoresponder which will blow the competition out of the water with features like… Sends Un-limited emails With 100% Automation, 100s of High converting Tested Templates, Smart Tags for segmentation, Supports Unlimited SMTP For better Inboxing, Pixel Placement for Retargeting, Integrations with all 150 softwares Of the world via Zapier, Complete step by Step Video Training Included, Newbie friendly, GDPR Can-Spam Compliant, 100% all Inclusive System, and many more… Mail Zen is the world’s most powerful cloud-based email marketing automation software that allows you to get your emails delivered straight to inbox and boost your opt-in rates with no additional efforts or expenses. It is a software that I am using for my own business and enjoying maximum delivery. It’s like your own autoresponder like Aweber without paying monthly and gives full control over Email marketing in just 3 simple steps. You can import unlimited lists and make use of all other features that your IM space needs. It is completely user-friendly and will enable you to send unlimited emails as well as follow-up with your leads automatically and manage them without any complex issues. You can also see the complete real-time activity of subscribers, and find out which particular campaigns are giving best results. So, just imagine how you would feel if you got the untapped power to turn leads into buyers with the click of a button. There is zero grunt work involved as this software is fully tried and tested and will provide boatloads of dollars from your email marketing campaigns with minimum time and money invested. Mark my words, it’s the ultimate chance for you to automate their email marketing campaigns and get more mails delivered straight to the inbox you make insane commissions by tomorrow morning. And that’s not all. The creator is also providing easy-to-understand training videos that will enable you to use it in a simple and convenient manner. Imagine what would it mean to you to 4x your Customer reach Overnight. Once you sign up you can get going sending your 1st email right away. Next, my MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review will focus on its features.

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MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review – Get Mails Inboxed With Higher Open & Click Through Rate For More Sales & Commissions On Complete Cruise Control For A Low One-Time Fee!

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review Overview

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review

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MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review – Get Mails Inboxed With Higher Open & Click Through Rate For More Sales & Commissions On Complete Cruise Control For A Low One-Time Fee!

Why Should You Get MailZen AutoResponder Software?

Every morning’s the same. You wake up, take a big yawn, look around for your phone, open up your laptop and check your emails. Email is an indispensable part of our life. Everyone is increasingly using emails and you need to learn how to make money with email marketing. When experts say, ‘money is in the (email) list, they’re absolutely correct. But getting started with email marketing can be difficult and more importantly very expensive. The upfront cost can run into hundreds of Dollars before you even see a sale. Not anymore… This is going to change with Mailzen by OJ James. It is a cloud- based autoresponder and becoming the top choice of many Customers. Currently this app costs 17/mo for 2500 subscribers as their base plan But, during this special launch You get the unlimited license Which provides unlimited Everything for just $17. Plus… They have Over 100 High Converting Email Templates In Any Niche. Simply Click. Edit. Modify. Send your High-converting Emails in minutes. also get. Automatic Pixel Placement – Make Retargeting list on fb, google, etc. The best part? Nobody is going to charge you a monthly fee! You pay once and mail your list as long as You wish. I got a chance to beta-test MailZen, and I must confess, I really liked its performance. It delivered exactly as promised. I just recently sent mail to my entire list and got 25% more open rates with this super-amazing Email marketing technology. The ability to send mails without any limit using your own SMTP definitely helps save month costs as well. No more dependency on 3rd party money sucking service providers. No more worrying for paying a fortune to get miniscule results. Now, I can have complete control on my email marketing campaigns. I bet you it’s the easiest tool you might have seen so far. The #1 priority during the development of the software was to make it simple and easy for everyone. There is nothing to install, just create your account and login to make the most your email marketing campaigns. Mail Zen will surely take the industry by the storm and will help marketers to generate more leads from any blog, eCommerce or WordPress site. I highly recommend it!
Let’s take a minute to recap the benefits that you will get:

  • Import unlimited lists easily without any restrictions
  • Send UNLIMITED emails to UNLIMITED Subscribers without paying any monthly fees
  • Get boatloads of qualified leads with minimum time and money invested
  • Build strong relationships with your subscribers with well-crafted emails.
  • Greatly reduce spam complaints and protects your send reputation
  • Enjoy Traffic and Money by sending Unlimited & best emails.
  • Get faster inbox delivery, Massive increase in opens and make more money from your existing subscriber list
  • Have complete control on your email marketing campaigns
  • One-time payment to get rid of huge monthly payment hassles
  • MailZen is 100% newbie-friendly that handles all your email marketing hassles so you can bid adieu to those pricey autoresponders or mailing software.

It’s completely WIN-WIN situation for marketers who find email marketing a tough nut to crack. And the best part is that, you can make more and more money every single month without investing a fortune.
MailZen Software is 100% cloud based platform hosted on the cloud. This means you never have to download anything ever. You can access it at any time from any device that has an internet connection.

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review

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MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review – Get Mails Inboxed With Higher Open & Click Through Rate For More Sales & Commissions On Complete Cruise Control For A Low One-Time Fee!

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Benefits:

  • World’s Fastest, Smartest & Easiest Drag & Drop Cloud-Based Email Builder!
  • Send Unlimited Emails With 100% Automation & Ease Of Use
  • Generate sales & commissions with cruise control automation
  • 100% NEWBIE Friendly – No Experience or Skills Required!
  • 100s of high converting email templates so you can start getting results today
  • Build Unlimited Lists & Email Campaigns Within Minutes
  • 100% All Inclusive System with ZERO monthly cost!

MailZen AutoResponder Software Features:

1#- Import Unlimited Subscriber
MailZen enables you to import unlimited subscribers list and the best part is that you won’t lose even a single ID in the process. So, you can mail freely to your subscribers without any restrictions whatsoever. And Most email marketing service providers charge hefty fees for importing your lists so stop paying a huge monthly rental just to keep your list even if you don’t mail them. They also need double optin before allowing to import so you lose anywhere from 20-30% of your subscribers. But with MailZen, all that will become a case of the bygone era.

2# – World’s Smartest Email Autoresponder
MailZen has been built from the ground up to be A-Z marketer-friendly, meaning you can upload your list of subscribers straight into the software with no technical hassles, and get best results without any complications using tags and 50+ awesome features. You have 100% Control Of Your Business with high Inboxing using high end features where no one can shut your account.

3# – Send Unlimited Mails to Unlimited subscribers Instantly Or Schedule Them for Later
Ability to Send unlimited emails to Unlimited subscribers from MailZen inbuilt SMTP or you can add your own SMTP too. Just get rid of endless complications and compliances of other email marketing solutions out there. You can send emails right away or schedule them for later date and time. Get Faster Inboxing to Unlimited Subscribers

4# – Boost Email Delivery, Click and Open Rate Instantly
With our super smart architecture, you can be assured about opening and click rates. Our system will automatically check the bounces, assign the best IP possible, handling the bounces and even create segment accordingly

5# – Unlimited Everything
Power Of Unlimited Lists/ Unlimited Campaigns/ Unlimited Broadcasts/ Unlimited Subscribers/Unlimited Leads/Capture Unlimited Contacts/ Unlimited Mail Sent for Unlimited Months

6# – Over 100 High Converting Email Templates.
Select any high converting mail content template from 100 templates in the various niches. These templates are proven to convert and battle tested in various niches. Simply Click. Edit, Update Or COMPLETELY Modify ANY Template as per your requirement In Minutes. This mail will not just get you high open rate but good click rate too

7# – Unlimited SMTP integration for better inboxing
Create and Send All of your emails on our Cloud Based System with Top Notch SMTP Integration. Imagine getting your hands at full fledge Email autoresponder at a very reasonable Fee.

8# – Battle Tested , Proven & High-Converting Lead Generation Forms!
Generate more potential subscribers with our attractive in-built lead form MailZen helps you to grab attention of more and more subscribers on your blog, e-commerce sites or WordPress sites with an eye-catchy lead generation form. All you need to do is: copy one line of code and paste it on your site.

9# – Use Smart Tags to Segment your Subscribers & Send Exclusive Emails [Add placeholder for Gif image of app
This is our masterpiece. Using this Latest & VERY Powerful feature, you can assign tags to your subscribers and segment them in a very simple manner. Now you can send emails exclusively to the subscribers related to any smart Tag or group. You can filter subscribers via List and different tags based on opens, clicks, behavioral pattern on open time, geographical location and niche.
No other competitor has such state-of-the-art tagging system. Helps you know your list very well. Advance Subscriber Management to Manage Subscribers with Ease.

10# – Reduce bounce rate
Higher bounce spoils your image and get murky with every bounce. With MailZen, you can get rid of all the bounced and spammed mails. MailZen automatically remove mails that were counted as bounce and make your list clear without any grunt work.

11# – Inbuilt Text & Inline Editor to Craft Best High Converting Emails
You can create simple text emails or html emails with our LIVE Inline editor feature to send best emails for maximum engagement. This is all built to attract, capture, nurture and convert your potential prospect. MailZen completely supports Multi-Device Friendly Emails with Automatic Plain Text Version for getting the most out of every single campaign.

12# – MailZen is GDPR CAN SPAM compliant [Add placeholder for Gif image of app
Our lead capturing forms and pages are 100% GDPR compliant plus It provide one-click unsubscribe feature that is user-friendly and helps to greatly reduce spam complaints and built your better send reputation.

13# – Automatic Pixel Placement
Make Re-targeting list on fb, google and on other platforms by embedding your pixels in your landing pages. Just add it in MailZen to make your re-targeting list on facebook, google and other social media platforms.

14# – Manage your subscribers hassle-free
MailZen offers you the easiest way to find, filter or clean your subscribers in never-ending lists. You can find out a subscriber out of a list of thousands with just 1 click. Track duplicate entries and create a backup of your list in no time with MailZen. And Give a Unique Touch to Every Subscriber Create Personalized Content for Different Buyer Segments

15# – 100% Newbie Friendly and Fully Automated
With the robust features of MailZen, you have the complete freedom to automate your email marketing. The software delivers automated, one-to-one messages across all of your marketing channels and even a newbie can manage his email marketing campaign without any hassle.

16# – No High fees or Additional Charges Stop paying money to money sucking autoresponders
If you are a newbie and starting out with email marketing, then sending mails can be a costly affair. They charge you like wildfire and you have to provide a heavy fee just to reach out to your email list. But MailZen is hands down the best email marketing software available today that charges nominal fee and allows you to send unlimited emails with just one click.

17# – Complete Step-by-Step Video training and tutorials Included [Add placeholder for Gif image of app
Yep, we know software can get complex. And while MailZen is DEAD easy to use, we wanted to make 100% sure it’s accessible to everyone and everyone can make money with it.
That’s why we did 2 things:
#1 We’ve added in-depth video training for every feature so you can always look at the RIGHT way to do things
#2 We’re also offering 24*7 on-going support so you’re always just a message away from having your problem solved.

18# – Personalize your mails to get high opening rates
Now this is something that will really prove to be of great worth for your marketing efforts. Personalization of emails is the best and easiest way to get attention of your subscribers, with MailZen, you can personalize your every email to every subscriber to get high open rates.

19# – Save your favourite email template to use again during Editing
All changes save automatically to avoid any loss due to an accidental close of a tab.

20# – Deep Analytics
Know your Opens, Clicks, Impressions to Minute Level for every subscriber for tagging

21#- Better Results
Get more leads & higher Inboxing again and again… With ZERO Technical Skills, ZERO Headache and ZERO Grunt Work

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MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review – Get Mails Inboxed With Higher Open & Click Through Rate For More Sales & Commissions On Complete Cruise Control For A Low One-Time Fee!

How Does Mail Zen Work?

Send Profitable Emails With Our System in 3 EASY STEPS…

  • Step 1 – Login
    Login to get access to the visually stunning yet simple to use dashboard.
  • Step 2 – Import
    Simply import your existing list or setup a new email campaign to build your list in record time
  • Step 3 – Publish & Send
    Send out profitable & high converting emails by selecting one of our hundreds of high converting
    done for you email templates. Next just sit back and watch the sales & commissions roll in … cha ching

MailZen OJ James Perfect For:

  • eCom Store Owners
    Send out emails to maximize conversions about product
  • Service Providers
    Send emails about your premium offersto prequalify prospects & close more clients
  • Video Marketers
    Send out emails to gain more views, subscribers & customers
  • Freelancers
    Quickly create top-converting emailsfor clients and
    set your own price
  • List Builders
    Increase optin conversions by up to 80% using our done for you templates
  • Social Media Marketers
    Send emails to Build huge audiences & increase engagement from your post
  • Affiliate Marketers
    Get more eyeballs & higher conversions on your offers
  • Small Businesses
    Malzen is the fastest & cheapest way to contact & convert
    prospects into buyers

MailZen Bonuses:

  • Trending Keywords Connect
    Find The Most Popular Keywords That People Are Actually Searching For From ALL SIX Of the World’s BIGGEST Search Engines
  • Stock Photo Connect
    Search Millions of FREE Stock Photos (Royalty Free Images) & Easily Insert Them Inside of Your WordPress Posts with 1-Click
  • Affiliate Funnel Builder Connect
    The plugin allows anyone to easily create complete affiliate funnels (to promote any kind of offer) in no time
  • Feeds Connect
    If You’re Using WordPress Chances Are That Your Content is Being Silently Stolen By Tons of Sites Through Your RSS Feeds. With this plugin you can force Content Stealers To Work For You
  • Push Convert Connect
    WP Push Convert – If someone keeps visiting your salespage over and over, then it’s time to do something
  • Member Upsells Connect
    The plugin lets you add “one time pages” (they display only once per visitor) to any wordpress page or post. Requires a WordPress Membership Software (can be free or paid)
  • Viral Contest Connect
    Get More Action On Your Sites & Blogs With Engaging Viral Contests That Sky rockets Sales With Improved Click Through Rates!
  • Leads Filter Connect
    With this powerful plugin, you can interact with your visitors in a fun and engaging way while building your email list and filtering your subscribers automatically.
  • Optin Connect
    Here’s The Fastest And Easiest Way To 10x The Sales, Profits And Cash Flow Of Your Internet Business… Guaranteed. If you’d like to increase the sales and profits of your Internet business.
  • Xyber Email Assistant Connect
    Turbo-Charge The Growth of Your Business, While Freeing Up Your Time With Reduced Customer Support Hassles.


Yes, you heard it right. 60 Days Days Ironclad Money back Guarantee. Only very few good software vendors can give you such strong commitment an extra 30 days period for refund guarantee. Try out MailZen completely risk-free for a full 60 days from purchase. Put the app through its paces, and enjoy a huge jump in email sales & commission. If for any reason you’re having problems to get MailZen up and running, help is as close by as our support desk.  Simply contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist you in any way we can. If you’re still not getting the results you’re after trying out Content Siphon and following the included training to the letter, then we’ll be pleased to give you a full-refund within 60 days after purchase. What could be more fair than that? You have our word on it.

MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Guarantee

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  • Front-end: MailZen
    Premium Edition With Commercial Rights
  • OTO 1: MailZen Platinum
    Platinum Edition with more features & benefits
  • OTO 2: MailZen Ready-to-Profit Campaigns
    Customers will get access to some of our top-converting products with 100% commissions so they can copy & paste in swipes and make instant profits.
  • OTO 3: MailZen Email Promotion Bundle
    Inside this bundle customers will get access to hundreds of PDF & Video Training across several of the top niches to use in there promo
  • OTO 4: MailZen Agency Reseller License
    50 Agency Accounts

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MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review – Get Mails Inboxed With Higher Open & Click Through Rate For More Sales & Commissions On Complete Cruise Control For A Low One-Time Fee!

MailZen is very very professional product and best choice for you. I hope that all of the information in my MailZen AutoResponder Software OJ James Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. If you’re ready to start making a real online income in the most passive way possible then click the button below before the price rises. I am look forward to seeing your success. Grab MailZen AutoResponder Software Now!

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